Christmas lights

Or when the Continental Touch goes wild…

Christmas lights originated in 19th century Germany, in christian homes. Back then, a tree was lit with candles in upper middle classes homes.

The illuminated Christmas tree started appearing in the United Kingdom during Queen Victoria’s reign. And this new tradition was exported to North America and Australia through emigration.

Since, things have evolved tremendously. Christmas decorations have also found their place outside. From the end of November, festive lights brighten dark winter days (and people’s mood) everywhere, from big city centres to private homes and gardens in remote countryside locations.

On various occasions this year, while in the car, this caused us to do U-turns or to stop abruptly on the road to take pictures. People have surpassed themselves. In some streets, neighbours seem to be competing for the most extravagant exhibit of Christmas lightings and decorations. They are not always the classiest displays, but they never fail to make the kids (and myself I must admit…) cheer.


However, there is still a long way to go to top these guys:

An engineer in the States puts a different light show up every year.


A man from New Zealand married the two biggest event this December: Christmas and the launch of Star Wars.


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