Christmas food shopping 

‘French supermarkets are crazy’, declared my husband after a short trip to one of the most popular shops in ‘my’ area.

Its size, the range of products available, having to queue for twenty minutes in front of the fish monger section at 9am and the fact that all signages are both in French and German baffled him.
A trip to the supermarket back home is an experience in itself, especially before Christmas.

  1. You always meet someone you know. In our case, a dozen people stopped us yesterday. Not only to say ‘hello’ but to have a proper chat in the middle of the busiest aisles. So, if you went only to buy some spices you had forgotten the day before, you’ll still spend two to three hours in there.
  2. In busy periods like the Holidays Season, go early. Otherwise, you won’t find a parking space or a trolley but you will loose your patience. And this is against the Christmas spirit! On top of the three hours you have already spend inside, you’ll be stuck in traffic jams on the parking lot and, of course, you won’t get the freshest sea food.
  3. You will end up buying more than you bargained for. It is impossible to stick to the shopping list. The choice is so wide and everthing looks so appetising that you will crack up. If you came only for those spices you had forgotten the day before, you will leave with a beautiful food hamper from the dedicated festive hampers section, delicatessens, a cheese selection, Christmas beer, few beauty products you didn’t  really need, new underwear plus extra toys for the kids. And back home, you will realise that you still don’t have those spices…


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