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Wake up!

One about coffee…   I need to wake up, I keep on telling myself. No new blog posts, yet, in 2015, and we are already in May! The events of the beginning of the year, somehow, made me doubt CT… Read More ›

Christmas Spritz Bredele recipe

Spritz Bredele Christmas cookies are popular in the North East of France (Alsace-Lorraine) and in neighbouring areas of Germany. Their origins have been traced to the XIVth century in cities and villages situated along the Rhine river. You’ll find hundreds… Read More ›

Greek Christmas – Kourabiedes recipe

Kourabiedes (κουραμπιέδες) are traditionally baked in Greece for Christmas, or occasionally for other family events like christenings. In some parts of the country they are flavoured with Maticha (a liquor from Chios) or decorated with a clove, which symbolises the… Read More ›


October is upon us. It is the month to celebrate beer and sausage in style, and to enjoy an Oktoberfest. Did you know that, in the past, a frankfurter sausage was synonym of luxury? Think about it… next time you… Read More ›

Perfect Pancakes

Les crêpes de Cyril Lignac Ingredients: Eggs: 3 Flour: 250g Salt: a pinch Milk: 50cl Sugar: 3 table spoons Sunflower oil: 2 table spoons Butter: just a bit to cook the pancakes in a pan…   Method: – Whisk the eggs… Read More ›

Paulette’s Doughnuts

Les Beignets de Paulette Ingredients:  Flour – 400g Sugar – 150g Eggs – 2 Greek yogurt (natural) or fromage blanc – 250g Sunflower oil – 8 table spoons Milk – 5 table spoons Baking powder – 1 to 2 tea… Read More ›