Month: February 2014

Place Vendôme

or French chic, a Scottish banker and an Italian jewellery maker… So close to Valentine’s day, you probably have your present sorted. Jewellery being a classic when it comes to Valentine’s day presents, we wanted to explore the story of… Read More ›

Perfect Pancakes

Les crêpes de Cyril Lignac Ingredients: Eggs: 3 Flour: 250g Salt: a pinch Milk: 50cl Sugar: 3 table spoons Sunflower oil: 2 table spoons Butter: just a bit to cook the pancakes in a pan…   Method: – Whisk the eggs… Read More ›

Paulette’s Doughnuts

Les Beignets de Paulette Ingredients:  Flour – 400g Sugar – 150g Eggs – 2 Greek yogurt (natural) or fromage blanc – 250g Sunflower oil – 8 table spoons Milk – 5 table spoons Baking powder – 1 to 2 tea… Read More ›