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La Bise…

Or one about kissing in France! One of my cousins sent me this video by Paul Taylor, a British comedian. It is ALL true. And I must admit we had a good laugh at home, while watching it. In France,… Read More ›


October is upon us. It is the month to celebrate beer and sausage in style, and to enjoy an Oktoberfest. Did you know that, in the past, a frankfurter sausage was synonym of luxury? Think about it… next time you… Read More ›

Philotimo or The Greek Secret

This morning, my Greek husband kindly shared this short movie with me. 15 mn well worth watching. It’s about values and how one Greek word, φιλότιμο/philotimo (literally love of honor/friend of honor), has inspired – and still inspires – successful… Read More ›

Bonne Journée!

Today is the International Francophonie Day (Journée internationale de la Francophonie), which celebrates French language and culture across the world. ‘Francophonie’ shouldn’t be defined in geographical, political or historical terms only. It is more than that: It’s about shared values… Read More ›