Christmas Eve

In a little village far far away, close to the German border, Christmas Eve is one of the most anticipated events of the year.

This time around, we brought with us a great British tradition. Our girls would not let go: we had to put some milk, cookies and a carrot out for Santa and Rudolph, just in case they came to drop presents while we were at church. And so they did! Although we first heard of this ritual in the UK, it originated around 1930 in North America and Canada.
When Santa’s plate was all set, we left to attend Midnight Mass. Nowadays, it is often brought forward for practical reasons and to encourage attendance. Ours was at 6pm and the church was full. A brass band was entertaining the crowd and accompanying the choir, people seemed happy.
Back home, we opened presents and enjoyed our Christmas Eve dinner; it started with champagne and canapés around the Christmas tree while the children unwrapped their toys and, as always, ended with the Bûche, our traditional Christmas pudding.
A beautiful and peaceful evening with family: this is what Christmas Eve is about.


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