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La Bise…

Or one about kissing in France! One of my cousins sent me this video by Paul Taylor, a British comedian. It is ALL true. And I must admit we had a good laugh at home, while watching it. In France,… Read More ›

The Galette des Rois

On or around the 6th of January, to celebrate the 12th day of Christmas also known as the Epiphany, and to mark the end of the Christmas celebrations, we share La galette des Rois (the Kings’ pie), a puff pastry… Read More ›

Christmas Eve

In a little village far far away, close to the German border, Christmas Eve is one of the most anticipated events of the year. This time around, we brought with us a great British tradition. Our girls would not let… Read More ›

Christmas food shopping 

‘French supermarkets are crazy’, declared my husband after a short trip to one of the most popular shops in ‘my’ area. Its size, the range of products available, having to queue for twenty minutes in front of the fish monger section… Read More ›

Wake up!

One about coffee…   I need to wake up, I keep on telling myself. No new blog posts, yet, in 2015, and we are already in May! The events of the beginning of the year, somehow, made me doubt CT… Read More ›

Greek Christmas – Kourabiedes recipe

Kourabiedes (κουραμπιέδες) are traditionally baked in Greece for Christmas, or occasionally for other family events like christenings. In some parts of the country they are flavoured with Maticha (a liquor from Chios) or decorated with a clove, which symbolises the… Read More ›