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French but with Eastern European origins, I am married to a Greek and live in the UK. After 15 years in advertising I felt like putting my own creativity to the test via The Continental Touch

  • Place Vendôme

    or French chic, a Scottish banker and an Italian jewellery maker… So close to Valentine’s day, you probably have your present sorted. Jewellery being a classic when it comes to Valentine’s day presents, we wanted to explore the story of… Read More ›

  • Carnival, Candlemas and Pancakes!

    When I was little, January was the month I dreaded the most. Christmas and New Year were gone; it was dark and cold. The only highlight was that great-grand-aunts and neighbours were bringing me homemade doughnuts (beignets). Added to those… Read More ›

  • Perfect Pancakes

    Les crêpes de Cyril Lignac Ingredients: Eggs: 3 Flour: 250g Salt: a pinch Milk: 50cl Sugar: 3 table spoons Sunflower oil: 2 table spoons Butter: just a bit to cook the pancakes in a pan…   Method: – Whisk the eggs… Read More ›

  • Paulette’s Doughnuts

    Les Beignets de Paulette Ingredients:  Flour – 400g Sugar – 150g Eggs – 2 Greek yogurt (natural) or fromage blanc – 250g Sunflower oil – 8 table spoons Milk – 5 table spoons Baking powder – 1 to 2 tea… Read More ›

  • Continental Breakfast Please!

    Continental breakfast is one of the expressions that influenced the name of our blog. According to and, a continental breakfast is a light morning meal that traditionally includes bread products, with butter/jam/honey, cheese, meat, croissants, pastries, rolls, fruit… Read More ›

  • An architectural tour of Europe  Following up on the introductory Continental Touch post yesterday – and to get a small break from  Christmas themed posts – here is a movie that presents breath taking architectural landmarks across Europe. Mostly Continental Europe but three of… Read More ›

  • Not long now!

    Putting the final touches to our first post(s).

  • Watch this space…

    ´Kalo mina se olous’! A Greek greeting meaning ‘good month to all’. More (many more…) posts coming soon. Watch this space.