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French but with Eastern European origins, I am married to a Greek and live in the UK. After 15 years in advertising I felt like putting my own creativity to the test via The Continental Touch

  • Easter Eggs and Egg tapping

    We are looking forward to knocking boiled coloured eggs together at dinner and lunch in the next couple of days. Choose a boiled coloured egg from the bowl and tap the egg of another participant with your own (start with… Read More ›

  • Carnival, Candlemas and Pancakes!

    Originally posted on Continental Touch:
    When I was little, January was the month I dreaded the most. Christmas and New Year were gone; it was dark and cold. The only highlight was that great-grand-aunts and neighbours were bringing me homemade…

  • Christmas Spritz Bredele recipe

    Spritz Bredele Christmas cookies are popular in the North East of France (Alsace-Lorraine) and in neighbouring areas of Germany. Their origins have been traced to the XIVth century in cities and villages situated along the Rhine river. You’ll find hundreds… Read More ›

  • Saint Nicolas, a tale from Northern Continental Europe

    Once upon a time, long long ago, three little children set off for a walk. They got lost and the night fell. Tired and hungry, they came across a nice enough looking man who invited them home, promising them food… Read More ›

  • Greek Christmas – Kourabiedes recipe

    Kourabiedes (κουραμπιέδες) are traditionally baked in Greece for Christmas, or occasionally for other family events like christenings. In some parts of the country they are flavoured with Maticha (a liquor from Chios) or decorated with a clove, which symbolises the… Read More ›

  • Beaujolais nouveau celebrations – happening now

    Thanks to Μιχάλης Π, one of our readers in Athens – Greece – for this picture! Click here to discover the 10 things you need to know about Beaujolais Nouveau. This year, the wine is showing ‘good balance, lively acidity and bright fruit… Read More ›

  • It’s Beaujolais Nouveau time!

    Some people claim it’s a dying trend, others suggest it is making a comeback. One way or an other, today is Beaujolais Nouveau day! Everyone will probably agree it is not the best wine, but it gives us an opportunity… Read More ›

  • German Dumplings or ‘Knoedel’

    This is a heartwarming recipe for winter, comfort food at its best. My great grandmother tought this recipe to my grandmother who, in turn, passed it on. You might find numerous versions of this recipe but to me, this one… Read More ›

  • CT is for Case & Tips

    It all starts with a modest observation or an innocent comment. Whether it is made by someone I know or by myself, there is one common thread: a link to Continental European lifestyle. (i.e. the Continental Touch) The possibilities are… Read More ›

  • About the Author

    Laetitia Drexler Riglis   Laetitia grew up in Lorraine, France, in an area charged with History, where traditions were influenced by the proximity of Germany. She has German, Polish and French origins and, anecdotally, her great grandfather knew Robert Schuman,… Read More ›