The Christmas tree

This year’s Christmas tree is extraordinary. Taller, wider and wilder than ever! It comes from the garden. Our garden. As such, you can’t guarantee the perfect shape you would get from a shop. Each year, my dad chooses it carefully, cuts it and drags it upstairs. We have no idea how… To the rest of us, it looks like mission impossible. However, each year, it is there, in its place, ready to witness the kids opening their presents, and the procession of guests and visitors.

After a long wait at the airport, a two-hour flight and a ninety-minute drive, it’s the first thing we look for (and we look at) when we arrive home. A lighthouse in the mist of a tiring day. The Christmas tree lights are on and it’s the signal the Holidays can begin.

Happy Holidays to All!



We know we are lucky: we’ll be warm, we’ll be fed, we’ll be with friends and family. It won’t be the case for everyone. Please donate time, money, whatever you can spare to make a difference to someone who needs it. One of my favourite initiative this year is by Social Bite in Scotland. Click here to view.



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