Wake up!

One about coffee…


I need to wake up, I keep on telling myself.

No new blog posts, yet, in 2015, and we are already in May!

The events of the beginning of the year, somehow, made me doubt CT and the concept behind it. How could I possibly keep on talking about cheerful aspects of Continental Europe in the current situation? Was it naive? Was it hypocritical?

And I decided that, naively, I would. That was the whole point after all. That’s what I promised I would do in the CT introductory post.


I was dragging my feet, hiding behind the dozens of ideas I have, starting working on a few, and finishing none.  How to stop this? How to become as productive as I used to be, when I was juggling twenty projects at work, always delivering? (Leave aside the fact that, clearly, I would have been fired if I hadn’t.)


Maybe the secret lies in starting the day with a great coffee. And by great I mean big, sweet, warm.

For years now, I have been grumpy at breakfast. I never hid it.

Thinking back, the main complaint has always been about my coffee being too small. It was gone in seconds, I was still thirsty. I wasn’t satisfied.

When, a couple of weeks ago, one of my friends shared this on Facebook.

Feel free to read it all. It’s totally in the spirit of the Continental Touch. But point 1 hit home.


‘Hot morning beverages belong in bowls, not cups’


I had nothing to be ashamed of! It was a justifiable condition linked to my very own cultural background. I had to have a massive bowl of coffee in the morning.


That’s exactly how I was having my morning drink when I was young(er).

It was my reason to jump out of bed. Looking forward to a great big bowl of Ricoré, in that instance. (A chicory based coffee mostly available in France)


No need to say that this link was immediately shared with my husband, who had been making fun of me for years. ‘Should I make you a bowl?’ (Sarcastic tone), ‘you know it’s not soup, right?’, ‘You just can’t do this with real coffee’.


See, being Greek, he has the talent of sipping espressos for hours. (Sorry M). So he just didn’t get it.


Following ‘Seven things you can’t understand if you are not French’ , he did ask again ‘should I make your coffee in a bowl?’ But in a slightly different tone this time.

And since, I have been saying yes! And I won’t look back.


Although it is actually real coffee in my bowl – in essence, a gigantic cappuccino. You can find chicory based coffee here in the UK.

Perfect in the morning, it might become your new ‘breakfast friend’ as per the slogan of famous French 80’s commercials.

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