Easter Eggs and Egg tapping

We are looking forward to knocking boiled coloured eggs together at dinner and lunch in the next couple of days. Choose a boiled coloured egg from the bowl and tap the egg of another participant with your own (start with the person sitting next to you perhaps). If your egg cracks, you’ve lost. If not, keep on going until only one person around the table is left with an undamaged egg. The winner, according to tales coming mostly from Eastern Europe, will enjoy a healthy year or a very long life. A greater prize than winning the lottery I reckon… so don’t be shy, go for it and have fun! Coloured eggs are easy to prepare: – Pour food colouring and a spoon of vinegar in boiling water N.b. follow manufacturer’s instruction for the quantity of food colouring. I would recommend approximately 15ml for 1/2 L of water. – add the eggs (be gentle! I broke a couple…) – leave to boil for 15mn Done! GetAttachment4

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