Christmas Spritz Bredele recipe

Spritz Bredele Christmas cookies are popular in the North East of France (Alsace-Lorraine) and in neighbouring areas of Germany.

Their origins have been traced to the XIVth century in cities and villages situated along the Rhine river.

You’ll find hundreds of recipes online, they have been passed down from generation to generation. Every family applies its own ‘twist’, which ultimately leads to animated debates around the table… Who baked the best ones?

Opinions always differ and if consensus is found – in keeping with the cheerful Christmas spirit – it is to agree they are all excellent.

Here is our family best kept secret to bake these delicious festive shortbreads, my aunt Myrto’s recipe:



– Desicatted coconut: 250g

– Butter: 250g

– Flour: 500g

– Raising powder: 1 tea spoon

– Vanilla sugar: 10g (available at Waitrose, in some Tesco stores in the UK, and on Amazon)

– Caster sugar: 175g

– Eggs: 3 whole

– Egg yolk: 1



Preheat the oven – 180 degrees Celsius

  1. Mix the butter and the sugar until the texture becomes white and creamy.
  2. Add the coconut, vanilla sugar and the eggs (3 whole eggs and 1 egg yolk)
  3. Slowly incorporate the flour and raising powder.
  4. Use your mixture to fill a pastry bag with a star shaped nozzle.
  5. Lay your Spritz Bredele down on a tray with baking paper. You can create sticks, round cookies or ‘zigzag’ shaped ones. (See picture below)

Spritz shapes

Traditionally, in my family, we form our Spritz cookies using a meat mincer!


For the more greedy ones, feel free to sprinkle your biscuits with icing sugar or dip one end in melted chocolate…

Share them with friends and family, enjoy them with coffee after lunch or dinner, or throughout the whole day, actually.

Merry Christmas!




See also our Kourabiedes recipe, if you want to add a Greek Touch to your Christmas celebrations.


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