German Dumplings or ‘Knoedel’

This is a heartwarming recipe for winter, comfort food at its best.

My great grandmother tought this recipe to my grandmother who, in turn, passed it on.

You might find numerous versions of this recipe but to me, this one is the best as it brings back wonderful childhood memories: coming back from school on a snowy day, the joy of realising this is what we would have for lunch, feeling replete.


This budget friendly meal is suitable for vegetarians. Having said this, the dumplings are even better the next day, reheated in a pan with a bit of butter and served with a fillet steak.


Guten apetit!

Ingredients (serves 6-8)


– Potatoes: approximately 1kg


For the dumplings:

– Flour: 500g

– Whole eggs: 3

– Milk: 1 big glass

– Cream cheese or natural Greek yogurt: 2 table spoons

– Leek: 1

– Salt and pepper


For the sauce:

– Creme fraiche or double cream: 600ml

– Croutons: 50g

– Salt



1/ Cut the potatoes and boil them in salted water for 20 mn. I use a big stock pot with a strainer insert, so the potatoes and the dumplings are easy to drain at the end.

2/ In the meantime mix the flour, the eggs, the milk and the cream cheese in a big bowl. Season to taste. Your dumplings mixture should be smooth and slightly sticky.

3/ Chop the leek (the finer the better) and add to the mix.

4/ After 20mn, add the dumplings to the boiling water, with the potatoes. I use a table spoon to gently drop the dumplings into the water, one by one.

Leave to cook for 10 more minutes. (The potatoes will have cooked for 30mn in total)

5/ While your dumplings are cooking with the potatoes, prepare the sauce: pour the double cream in a pan, add the croutons and a bit of salt, and heat gently.


When the dumplings and potatoes are cooked, drain them, present them in a big serving bowl and pour the sauce on top.


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