CT is for Case & Tips

It all starts with a modest observation or an innocent comment. Whether it is made by someone I know or by myself, there is one common thread: a link to Continental European lifestyle. (i.e. the Continental Touch)

The possibilities are endless and inspiration can be found everywhere: from food, fashion, seasonal traditions and the arts, to places, childhood memories and of course, the news.

Out of this initial observation comes the idea for a new blog post. What I like to call ‘the Case’ for an article.

There are no rules on how light or serious a subject should be, as long as it gives the opportunity to share experiences about Continental Europe and to explore what conveys the Continental Touch (or what doesn’t, sometimes).

‘The Case’ gets filtered through the perception of someone who grew up in Continental Europe. And, for each topic, you will find a series of ‘Tips’.

Whether practical, humorous or occasionally more engaged, these ´Tips’ should help you understand Continental European culture better, and tempt you to implement some simple ideas if you want to feel a touch more continental…

Go on, set up a continental breakfast for your family this week-end, or grab a salad for dinner from your closest greengrocer.


Thank you to those who have recently sent inspiring news articles for The Continental Touch. They will be used on the blog soon.


Contact laetitia@continentaltouch.com if you would like to see a specific theme covered.

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