CT is for Continental Touch

The Continental Touch will make you discover (or rediscover) Continental European living.
It’s all about modus vivendi; lifestyle.

How did the idea come about?
As my dad would say, if I got £1 (or €1 for that matter) each time I heard someone say ‘This sounds/looks so continental’, I would be rich. And indeed, being French with a Greek husband in the UK, we hear this a lot from people commenting on the way we eat and drink, dress, to the way we raise our kids.

With constant serious media coverage about the malfunctions of the Euro Zone, we too often forget all the good things about Continental Europe.
The rich mix of people and traditions creates beauty and happy moments; and I like to believe that those who, at some point, exclaimed ‘this is so continental!’ felt that touch of contentment and liked it.

What gives people and things the Continental Touch (CT)?
Is there a continental way of behaving, styling, making, eating, getting together, having fun and appreciating life?
This is what we’ll explore in this blog.
Don’t get me wrong; we are very happy in the UK and come across The Continental Touch quite often here.
But there are (quite naturally) traditions and ways we sometimes miss from ‘Continental Europe’. We want to share these with you and give you tips on how to make your own life a bit more Continental, if you want to…

This revised introduction is the first of a series of 5 posts, which will present this blog in more details.
‘CT if for Continental Touch’ will be followed by CT is for
Cretan Tale (the story behind our logo)
Case & Tips (how each article is constructed)
– Candid Truth (just that once, we’ll get a bit more personal…)
– Cool Trademark (sharing the dream)


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