Perfect Pancakes

Les crêpes de Cyril Lignac


Eggs: 3

Flour: 250g

Salt: a pinch

Milk: 50cl

Sugar: 3 table spoons

Sunflower oil: 2 table spoons

Butter: just a bit to cook the pancakes in a pan…



– Whisk the eggs in a bowl

– In a separate, bigger bowl, put the flour and the salt. Mix, add half of the milk and mix again

– Add the eggs, the sugar, the oil and the rest of the milk

– Mix until your preparation is smooth

– Cook in a pan (don’t forget to add just a bit of butter in between each pancake)


You can also flavour your mix with a little vanilla extract, or whatever you fancy (I wouldn’t recommend rum if you are having them for breakfast…)



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  1. Might actually try this tonight 🙂


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