Paulette’s Doughnuts

Les Beignets de Paulette


Flour – 400g

Sugar – 150g

Eggs – 2

Greek yogurt (natural) or fromage blanc – 250g

Sunflower oil – 8 table spoons

Milk – 5 table spoons

Baking powder – 1 to 2 tea spoon(s)



– Mix all the ingredients, leaving the flour for the end

– Add the flour slowly

– Heat some sunflower oil in a pan

– Using a tea spoon, form little balls with the mix and drop them into the oil

– They will fry and ‘pop up’ when ready


You might want to leave them in the oil for about 20 seconds to ensure the centre is cooked.

They need to take a nice golden colour.

As simple as this!




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