An architectural tour of Europe


Following up on the introductory Continental Touch post yesterday – and to get a small break from  Christmas themed posts – here is a movie that presents breath taking architectural landmarks across Europe. Mostly Continental Europe but three of the featured buildings are in the UK.

Any point creating a bit of controversy here, trying to find the continental link in them? Probably not! although…

The Shard was designed by Italian Pritzker Prize-winning architect Renzo Piano.

Charles Barry (Palace of Westminster) is known for having contributed to Italianate architecture in Britain in the 19th century. Leave aside the fact that his ‘colleague’ Augustus Welby Pugin, who also contributed to The Palace designs, wasn’t too pleased with the final result. He apparently said the building was ‘All Grecian (…) Tudor details on a classic body’. I don’t think Pugin would have agreed Continental Touch (CT) could be a good thing!

Tower Bridge seems to be a truly remarkable expression of Great British architecture (Victorian Gothic). Although, Horace Jones did travel to Italy and Greece mid 19th century to study ancient architecture and Tower Bridge is a ‘bascule’ bridge, which comes from the French for ‘see-saw’… But you are right, this is far fetched and let’s not push it! (I hope you can sense the humour here).

Simply enjoy the movie. It’s beautiful.

photo by Luke Shepard

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